Buy bad debt

03/01/2019 08:50 GMT+7 35

VAMC buys bad debt at book value and pays by special bonds and buys bad debt at market value

1. VAMC buys bad debt at book value and pays with special bonds


• Bad debts in the activities of granting credit, buying corporate bonds, entrusting to buy corporate bonds, entrusting credit and other activities in accordance with the State Bank's regulations;

• Bad debts with secured assets;

• Bad debts, security assets must be legal and have valid documents and papers;

• Borrowers still exist;

• The balance of bad debt or bad debt balance of borrowers is not lower than the level prescribed by the State Bank.

2. VAMC buys bad debt at market value:


• Meet all conditions specified in point 1 above;

• Being assessed as being able to fully recover the amount of bad debt purchase;

• Security assets of bad debts that are likely to be sold;

• Borrowers have the potential to recover their repayment capacity.