International public asset management companies share bad asset management experience

18/06/2019 22:59 GMT+7 21

The 6th IPAF training workshop was held to focus on discussing, exchanging and sharing knowledge in the field of bad asset management to support policy makers in each country and region. necessary solutions to ensure financial and economic stability.

In the morning of May 27, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam Debt Trading Company Limited (DATC) cooperated with Asset Management Company of Vietnam credit institutions (VAMC) and Asian Development Bank ( ADB) held the opening of the 6th training workshop on International Public Asset Management Companies (IPAF).

The workshop was attended by international experts and IPAF member organizations.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Le Hoang Hai - Chairman of DATC Member Board, said that the world economy has many unpredictable developments due to escalating trade tensions, increasing trade protection trend, The risk of armed conflict threatens the financial and economic stability of each country and region, including Asia.

Therefore, this IPAF training workshop was organized to focus on discussing, exchanging and sharing knowledge in the field of bad asset management to support policy makers in each country and region. The area offers necessary solutions to ensure financial and economic stability.

It is known that this workshop is an annual activity organized by ADB and a member of the rotating IPAF Chairperson. The workshop was organized with the purpose of professional training for staff of IPAF member units.

Under the program, experts, policy makers in the financial sector, buying and selling, dealing with debt, and managing assets are invited to lecture on financial issues in Asia. At the 6th IPAF training workshop, ADB experts, international experts and IPAF members will focus on discussing, sharing and exchanging important contents.

Specifically, in the session on the overview of regional financial and economic stability in Asia, representatives of IPAF members and experts shared about the role of debt processing company (AMC) and the role of the Government in The application of AMC model is suitable. In particular, the introduction of the European lessons on debt handling mechanism, as well as the experience of changing the operating model from the Government tool to the market mechanism.

In terms of effective legal framework and the development of Asian and Vietnamese debt trading and processing markets, the speakers will focus on analyzing the operational model and the mechanism for developing AMC public. ; trends and strategies for developing the debt trading and processing market in Asia, including Vietnam, thereby analyzing the role of public AMC in creating and leading the market of debt trading and handling. .

The speakers will also share about the operation process and challenges in dealing with bad debts and the orientation of activities in the coming time of each IPAF member.

The IPAF forum is an initiative proposed at the International Conference on the development of the global financial industry organized by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam in collaboration with ADB and Korea Asset Management Company (KAMCO) in Hanoi. 2012.

In May 2013, IPAF was officially established in Seoul, South Korea consisting of 7 founding members from Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan, Korea and Thailand, of which DATC is the representative of Vietnam to participate. as a founding member of the forum. Up to now, IPAF has 13 members, including 9 official members and 4 associate members. In which official members are state-owned AMC owners and used by the Government as an economic tool to handle bad debts / assets. Associate members are related organizations that do not necessarily operate in the form of AMC.

In November 2018, as the rotating Chairman of IPAF, DATC chaired and coordinated with ADB to organize the 4th Annual Conference and International Conference of IPAF Forum with the theme "Consolidate security Asian finance and implementation solutions ", in Hanoi Capital. The conference welcomed hundreds of attendees from ministries, agencies, central agencies, international financial institutions, credit institutions, debt processing organizations, national and international experts. 

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